Nov 18, 2015

Andrew Johnston - "Take The Highway" - 2015

I wanted to make something fun and spontaneous that would capture the creative energy I felt coming off a tour of Ontario last May.  Being on the road can feel magical because you connect with real people face-to-face in a really special way and if you are tuned-in just right there is some cosmic energy out there - for example, when we drove into Orillia, Ontario, Gord Lightfoot came on the radio (Orillia is Lightfoot’s home town), and taking exit 64 to Hamilton, the Beatles “When I’m 64” came on...explain that!
Ah, regardless of if you believe in magic, “Take the Highway” explores that often living a fulfilling life requires taking chances, and getting outside of your comfort zone.
Meeting the road for me was that chance. For you it may be something different. Regardless, I wrote "Take The Highway" to encourage you to take those chances, go see those places, write a song or simply do what you need to do to expand your horizons. 

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