Nov 22, 2015

ESCAPISTS - Pyramid Scheme - 2015

Displaying all the intensely melodic power riffs, bold rhythmic interplay and colossal chorus hooks that we’ve come to expect from London’s most thrilling indie rock foursome, ‘Pyramid Scheme’ also marks out its own space with its distinctively visceral momentum. On this third single from Escapists’ in 2015, high-pitched vocal harmonies spar with sparks of pealing guitar before crescendoing to a heady climax. Simon Glancy’s lyrics stem from a childhood disillusionment with the rigmarole of Sunday church worship: “to me it felt like a pyramid scheme, where you get in at the bottom and hope you’re not the last.” ‘Pyramid Scheme’ is a self contained four minutes of paranoid protean beats and intricate verses which perfectly articulate the schism between archaic beliefs and Generation Y discontent. ‘Restless’, ‘euphoric’ and ‘impassioned’ are just three words that almost do it justice. The reality is that Escapists are one of the most thrillingly conscious rock and roll bands to emerge from London in a while.

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