Jul 9, 2024

Ghost Fan Club • 2024

Knifepunch Records

“With a soft and cautious style, the track tiptoes forward with something between bummed out slacker stillness and a kind of weighted trepidation, as sad and scared and bored as any spirit unable to pass on. But the ghost here is still very much living, the life slipping past before his eyes very much his own.” VARIOUS SMALL FLAMES

“While on its surface, the statement feels like it reflects an empty way of moving through the world—there is a richness to the lived experience of drifting. Costolo puts words to the current way many of us are experiencing everything today, no longer real participants in our lives, but spectators of them.” DOUBLE NEGATIVE

“Inspired by emo bedroom music and released through the Florida DIY label knifepunch records, we hear elements of Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse and The Antlers in the poignant guitar sound as Tyler discusses the never-ending pressure of life and reveals how painful it is when you feel that you are just drifting as life passes you by.” – SPECTRAL NIGHTS


“I wrote these songs during a point of major turmoil in my life. I was mostly drifting along, trying to make peace with so much of my existence being out of my control and time slipping by while I was trying to catch up. I started working on a lot of the songs all the way back in 2021 but wasn’t in a situation where I could comfortably record. I felt desperate to get the tracks finished but was bouncing around unable to find any footing, which I think you can feel in the songs themselves. 

I wanted actual drums for the first time in my music making journey which is where Tom Morris came in. I think that addition really makes a difference between these songs and my previous body of work.” – Tyler Costolo (Ghost Fan Club)

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