Jul 1, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E39 Finale • Idaho

Thanks for listening to season three… off for the summer! Back in September for another great season.

What happens when a band defies the constraints of time and still remains relevant after four decades? Join us for an intimate conversation with Jeff Martin of the band Idaho as he opens up about their cult status, the unique bond with fans, and their long-standing influence on the slowcore genre. We explore Jeff's recent whirlwind of creativity, including a new record, a remastered box set, and a heartfelt documentary. Discover how Idaho's stripped-down, textural guitar sound continues to captivate both long-time followers and new audiences alike.

Jeff delves into the evolution of Idaho's songwriting craft, highlighting the deliberate pace and melodic bass lines that have become their hallmark. He shares the challenges and rewards of creating music at a slower tempo, enhancing the band's distinct sound. Our discussion also touches on the natural progression and subtle improvements in Idaho's lyrical content and cohesiveness over the years, reflecting their growth and experience. Jeff provides insights into the band's early days, his high school friendship with co-founder John Berry, and the enduring legacy they've built together.

Reignite your passion for Idaho as Jeff recounts the creation of their album "Lapse" and the renewed energy brought by guitarist Robbie Bronzo during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeff reveals the motivations behind releasing a new album after an 11-year hiatus and the emotional significance of music creation. We also explore the meticulous process behind their remastered box set and the making of their documentary, capturing the band's journey through extensive personal archival footage. Whether you're a die-hard fan or discovering Idaho for the first time, this episode offers a heartfelt appreciation for the band's enduring artistry and legacy.


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