Jul 10, 2024

JOSEPH SHIPP • Dig Deep • 2024

Joseph Shipp is a multifaceted artist who weaves threads of music, design, and
photography into a rich, colorful career that defies conventional boundaries. Born between the
storied musical cities of Nashville and Memphis, Shipp’s creative journey is one of constant
evolution, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep reverence for the power of art.

The son of a second-generational photographer, Shipp’s musical influences were shaped early on by the eclectic tastes of his dad. Neil Young, Leo Kottke, traditional Irish folk, and Classical were common sounds around the photo studio or car. Like many young kids of his generation inspired by Kurt Cobain, he started learning guitar at age 12. And at 18, he began writing songs. While living in San Francisco, he and his wife, also a musician and designer, became immersed in Old Time and Bluegrass music endemic to where he grew up. Shipp picked up the fiddle and his wife the banjo and, for a few years, performed traditional folk music as the duo The Family Shipp.

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