Dec 6, 2023

🎙️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 23 Finale • Advance Base

 Ending season two on a true high with Advance Base. Founded by singer-songwriter Owen Ashworth, Advance Base emerged from the ashes of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, bringing a fresh perspective to the intersection of melancholy and catchy melodies. Advance Base's music is a sonic journey, weaving nostalgic narratives through Ashworth's poignant lyrics and innovative lo-fi production. The sound is a delicate balance between vulnerability and experimentation, drawing listeners into a world where raw emotions find solace in the embrace of unconventional soundscapes. Discover the haunting beauty of Advance Base as they redefine the boundaries of indie music. Catch Advance Base on its’ Holiday tour starting December 6th, 2023, and be sure to have a listen to Owen’s latest release "How you got your picture on the wall” at the end of our conversation. 🎙️ 

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