Dec 6, 2023

BEATOWLS • All I See Is Trouble • 2023

“Nocturnal melancholy, drawing from influences in trip-hop and electro.” 
– Far Out Magazine
“A gorgeously bleak portrayal of modern loneliness” 
- Uncut

“It starts with one word, one line, one note, one phrase at a time. No considerations as to where it will go or who will hear it. No timeframe. Read over it, play over it, revise, tweak. Steal? Remove and redo. Record. Make it personal, make it universal. Get better. Happy accidents. Small victories. The idea is everything. Keep going. The idea reveals itself more. Revise, tweak and refine. Steal a bit more. Record again. Make connections, play with its fire. Make it the best you can. Rewrite and record again.”

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