Dec 23, 2023

best of 2023 • Sarah Mary Chadwick • Some Else's Baby

The new song depicts hysteric desire at its finest – the ever-shifting goal post of wanting what you don’t have, always creating psychic debt. Chadwick shares, “Sometimes someone else’s baby is just better than your own. This feeling tends to correlate with having an absolutely chaotic life, so as an avoidance technique, it’s fantastic!” BW

But I'm just trying to move my life
Away from strife and into love
But I'm messed up, I want the painful stuff
Makes me feel alive, makes my veins hum

And if it's easy, I don't want it, baby
You'll never change me
And nothing's better than someone else's baby
And it drives me crazy

And just a junkyard full of things nobody wants
I give you the most extravagant of all the loves

We call it fine and call it good
And I'll run as fast as I can
But make it wrong and make it out of time
And I'll want it more than I can stand

So come on, please me, imagine how hot, baby
And so hot it burns me
And nothing's better than someone else's baby
And it drives me crazy

Well, I take my sadness everywhere I go
I can't put it out, can't leave it at home

'Cause I'm just a one-time wonder
A fickle lover
On close examination made of glass
Winter or summer
Clear skies or thunder
But I'm not really here, I'm in the past

And I'm just a star that never shined
A mountain no one wants to climb
But I don't know how to live under the light
But I'm thankful that I've had
The chance to touch the souls I have
And I'll take that any day in lieu of life

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