Dec 29, 2023

best of 2023 • Metric • Who Would You Be For Me

“Who Would You Be For Me” is a characteristically hooky and shiny piece of alt-pop. The song is built on strummy acoustic guitars, but there’s nothing small about it. As it happens, the new song addresses the early days of the band. Here’s what Emily Haines has to say about it:

The song “Who Would You Be For Me” is a throwback lullaby set in NYC in 2002. All the action takes place in Tompkins Square Park, in a subway car, and at the café on St. Marks Place where I worked as a waitress when we were getting our start.

Automatic behaviors and patterns are often fairly easy to flag in others but can be a riddle to spot in yourself. In life and in love, all the emphasis in your mind can default to being what someone else wants until it dawns on you to consider your own desire. I could be the girl for you, but who would you be for me?

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