Oct 21, 2023

πŸŽ™️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 12 • Neptune’s Core

Neptune’s Core is an all female Chicago band compromised of two sets of sisters, Sofie and Hannah Richter and Jackie and Kaitlin Cywinski. Three members joined me for a wonderful chat about their beginnings, their influences, their process and the tough themes they dabble in as a group of young women. Hot off their latest release, Called Upon, they dive head first into a classic slow/fast indie rock playbook with deeply  emotional lyrics, that empower the listener to reflection and release the many turmoils we are faced with daily. Neptune’s Core are a young up and coming band that needs to be on your radar, three records in and they are only becoming stronger songwriters. Check out their single Inside at the end of the cast. 
Enjoy πŸŽ™️

"Their age belies the sophistication of the songwriting and instrumentation... classic alternative era with delicate fragile quiet moments exploding into loud dynamics... I hear some Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail influences but what I don't hear are artists still in their teens" Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions reviewing the Evolving album as a Buried Treasure 


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