Oct 27, 2023

The American Analog Set • For Forever • 2023

What is For Forever ?

That’s a great question. For Forever is our first album in a long time. 18 years, if anyone is counting and we sincerely hope they are not.

Is it real?

It is. On October 27th, it is. You can preorder it here, and it will ship to you on the 27th. It will also be available for streaming the following day. If you’re in Austin and would like to hold one in your hands (I’ve done this… it’s incredible), you can do this at Breakaway, End Of An Ear, or Waterloo Records on or after October 27th. 

Are these new songs?

They are! 

When was it made? 

 We started playing together again in 2013 and began work on For Forever in 2015. We finished it in 2019 and left it under the couch for a few years while the world was on fire.

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