Oct 8, 2023

My Violence • Jesus • 2023

"Ryder intricately weaves dreams into melodies, creating a captivating musical experience"
FAME Magazine

"A sonic world built on haunting vocals and atmospheric soundscapes."

"Brought to life through the production and mixing prowess of Gold Star, Ryder navigates through a cinematic panorama of unique auditory terrains, including using a 1980s Omnichord for composition. Her musical narrative finds harmony in the unlikely matrimony of arco double bass dalliances, psychedelic shades of pedal steel, and the vintage charm of a Baldwin Fun Machine."

"I love when artists stretch their artistic muscles by restricting the tools at their disposal. If not for that kind of self imposed restriction, then the beautiful illusory '20,000 Dashboard Angels' by My Violence would not exist in the same way [...] The result on the album and on this track is exquisitely dreamy, ethereal in tone and somehow feeling like it exists in another time."
American Pancake


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