Oct 10, 2023

πŸŽ™️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 8 • Layperson

Julian Morris aka Layperson joined me with an open heart and a mature perspective. Julian plays a wonderful mix with chips of Teenage Fan Club and a buttering of the Byrds vibe. Our fluid conversation was rich, touching on his beginning days, musical inspirations, transitioning and the multitude of challenges musicians face nowadays. Layperon’s latest LP Massive Leaning drops this fall. Check out a show if you can, supporting indie artist is a necessity. Our featured track is a single off the new record, entitled  Black Pool. πŸŽ™️ enjoy

“Black Pool” serves as an alluring glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming album. It is a single that irresistibly invites listeners to sing along, and it’s effortlessly captivating, making one wish the song would play on endlessly. Even with its catchy rhythm and uplifting feel, the song doesn’t shy away from its profound theme. c-heads

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