Oct 25, 2023

🎙️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 13: POSTDATA

Paul Murphy is a prolific Canadian musician. Fronting indie rock’s  Wintersleep is only half of Paul’s greatness, the other half is embedded in his outstanding “side-project” POSTDATA. Joining me from his home/studio in Halifax Nova Scotia we had a profound conversation about Paul’s musical process, his beginnings as an artist in eastern Canada, and how he approaches writing songs for two different styled bands.  On POSTDATA's latest record Run Wild we get Paul’s popper side surfacing, and good for us! Run Wild is solid song writing through and through, an addictive indie pop gem where the songs relentlessly building on one another making this an instant classic in songwriting and alt-aesthetic. Stay tuned till the end of the cast to hear POSTDATA’s masterful single "Look To The Stars” enjoy 🎙️ 


Run Wild, POSTDATA’s forthcoming fourth LP, from its first springtime keystrokes, is a brilliant, technicolor indie rock odyssey. 

There is a palpable sense of magic and possibility and light to the record, even in its heavier moments. With this collection of 10 songs, Murphy has crystallized the elements he’s played with for decades: pop melodics and structure, prog-and indie-rock arrangements, avant-folk intimacy and quirk. Murphy plays the mad alchemist, precisely combining these pieces to create a record that feels like a thick, sprawling, sun-soaked magic garden, where listeners can sprint and jump and scream and laugh, and feel whatever it is they need to feel.

“I felt like it was time to take POSTDATA someplace new, and be a little more free with what it is,” he says. “I was trying to go all-out stylistically, and trying to flesh out all the differentplaces that it could actually take it. I wanted to give it more space, allow it to go wherever it needed to.”

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