Oct 4, 2023

Careful • Promise dance + projection test • 2023

“Gorgeous . . . . From a tradition of unnervingly confidential, light-voiced male singers: JoΓ£o Gilberto, Arthur Russell, Lou Barlow of Sebadoh, Elliott Smith, Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu.”
New York Times

“Eric Lindley plays intimate, quirky songs with layered vocals that flow over warm acoustic guitar. Lindley colors his soft harmonies and restrained writing style with carefully placed electronics.”

"A hopeless, pretty puzzle." 
Consequence of Sound

"Devastatingly intimate."
Under the Radar

"A nostalgic touch brought to life by a warm yet distorted soundscape of soft saxophones bolstered by poignant song writing"


"A beautiful song about a harrowing subject."

Backseat Mafia

"Eric Lindley’s songs have the power to infuse the stretch of time they occupy with a sadness that’s incidental but devastating."
LA Record

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