Apr 3, 2022

Advance Base • Little Sable Point Lighthouse • 2022

For the weekend
that Elise turned 28
she booked a motel room
on the Michigan side of the lake
with her boyfriend CJ
a couple miles down the way
from Little Sable Point Lighthouse

They went swimming
drank beer & watched TV
but on the second night
CJ couldn't sleep
so he snuck out with her keys
& drove the Cherokee
out to see the lighthouse

Staring up at the tower
watching the big light spin
hypnotized by the silver beam
that cut right through the dim
that's how Elise imagined him
he was never seen again

Years later
in Michigan again
for the second wedding
of an old school friend
Elise & her husband
happen by
Little Sable Point Lighthouse

Just a ghost now
decommissioned some time before
it had been the site
of endless imagined horror
but with a calm that surprised her
Elise parked the car
& walked out to see the lighthouse

Staring up at the tower
that now stood dark
surrounded by the quiet
of Silver Lake State Park
Elise squinted at the scene
she remembered from her dreams

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