Apr 6, 2022

Nrvs • Scum • 2022

“Nrvs have an innate punk swagger” Hard of Hearing 

“Perhaps the anarchic drive behind Nrvs and other bands in the agitprop arena is a necessary cultural response” Subba-Cultcha

“…off-kilter post-punk bangers” Louder Than War

With its abrasive minimalist post-punk feel along with Velvets inspired grunge guitar, this latest song (& the first they ever wrote) sees band member Ten Pence proclaiming deeply about his place in the world and the seeming futility behind trying to make a difference. “So what about Scum? We’re all scum” say Nrvs, “we’re the future of the human race and we’re fucked, as Extinction Rebellion used to say when they were cool - and we love it, or at least we seem to! Us lot just happen to be feeling it at the moment cos we happen to be alive now, so we’re the toppest layer of the pond… scum, get it?”

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