Apr 21, 2022

Hashimoto • That Would Be You • 2022

You will always be
A true fighter for the sea
You help us understand
What we need to help the land

The coolest person ever
To sit on a St-Viateur terrace
That would be you, always you
The groovy shades
The clothes you made
The smile that feels like Saturday

It killed me every time
It killed me every time
You pronounced B-u-t-t-o-n-s
I miss it

One time we got to be
Music Circle King and Queen
We sang Daniel Lanois’ Stormy Sky
I hold that memory tight
I hold that memory high

Who’s that on the bike?
A damn cool rock star
Korg in the basket
You’re a star of Mile End
Fighter for the planet
You’re its excellent friend

It’s a certainty
You will always be
The coolest person on St-Viateur
That would be you
Always you


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