Apr 3, 2022


“‘Dreamers’ is inspired by the futility that musicians feel in the pursuit of success,” said Roye. “For most artists, the dream is to become successful in their craft. This song is about dreams not coming true and falling short of your goals. It's about the personal sacrifices that artists often have to make in the pursuit of success and how for most of us, will gladly continue with the struggle, knowing that the dream is largely unattainable.”

Roye Trout is a Vietnamese/Chinese-Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Windsor, ON. He is also a member of the bands Eraserhead, No Hands, and Lychi. 

His new song, “Dreamers,” is written with the hope that listeners can empathize with the complex feelings of frustration and fulfillment that musicians often experience. For many artists, the pursuit of their craft is seen by others as an unsustainable passion and generally a poor decision. There's a perverse irony in the idea that an artist often earns respect not based on the merits of their creation, but on their success in growing an audience.

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