Apr 20, 2022

Green Sky Accident • Screams At Night • 2022

Screams at night is the name of Green Sky Accident's last single before their new album Daytime TV is released the 20th of May on Apollon Records. The lyrics deal with being stuck in a dead end job which is slowly sucking the joy out of your life. Contrasting this melancholia is a big lively production: Drums with heaps of reverb, guitars with a bite to them and a vocal line that consists of a choir of voices. We hope this song might inspire you to quit your job and say "sayonara blood suckers!"

Green Sky Accident from Bergen - Norway plays indierock with lots of energy,
catchy riffs and a whole lotta love. A good melody is essential for every song, the arrangements are always built around those. Their music can be compared to the indie heroes of the nineties, jangly and noisy, sweet while still packing a punch.


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