Dec 2, 2020

Gustaf • Design • 2020

Blurring the line between art-punk and post-punk, adding a fresh and freaky take to both genres, their latest single “Design” sees the band once again paired up with Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands, TV On The Radio) for an off-kilter track, following last month’s “Mine”. Reminiscent of bands like The B-52s and Alan Vega, the constant and repetitive bass line in “Design” lays the groundwork for vocalist Lydia Gammill’s confident and self-aware musings on desire before descending into a rambunctious kazoo solo! 

"Drawing on old school NYC art-punk, “Mine” is a snappy two-minute tune of talky, bass-driven post-punk. It’s got the confident ego of Alan Vega and the sass of The B-52’s."

"Some worthy competition for ‘Losing My Edge’-style self-deprecation. Add some deliciously clashing riffs and you’ll be wishing cross-Atlantic air travel was a less ill-advised proposition."

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