Dec 16, 2020

Best of 2020 • Pop Matters • Best Indie Rock

One thing does seem clear this year: guitar-driven rock music is making a comeback. Mind you, it never disappeared, but it seems it has been placed in the background in favor of pop, electronic and minimalist R&B experimentations for years. The majority of this year's best indie rock albums feature guitars at the forefront. Whether influenced by 1970s folk and soft rock, 1980s post-punk, 1990s alternative and grunge music, or indie rock from the 2000s, guitars are all over this list. It's been a difficult year, to say the least, but we hope that these carefully curated albums will serve as an escape and provide much-needed solace. POPMatters

What makes Fetch the Bolt Cutters such an extraordinary, surprising, and downright essential record is how it isn't about Apple so much as it's about other women: their friendships, their hangups, and the relationships they end up trapped in, mixed with Apple's pathos and gravity. It is a thundering, angry, and pointed album that feels liberated by the fact that the target of her wit and barbs isn't mainly herself or her lingering insecurities, no. This time around, she sets aim at the men who have never had to face any consequences for their actions -- and then proceeds to go for the jugular. – Evan Sawdey

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