Jan 29, 2020

Thomas Charlie Pedersen • Daylight Saving Hours • 2020

I´m the lead singer and guitarist of the Danish alternative rock band Vinyl Floor. ’Daylight Saving Hours’ is my second solo effort. The album was made at an apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen and was recorded and mixed by my brother Daniel Pedersen who is also the drummer of Vinyl Floor. ‘Daylight Saving Hours’ continues the acoustic and minimalistic stylings as heard on my first album ‘Second Hand War’ (2016) albeit a tad more arranged this time. We’ve utilized strings, vocal harmonies, alternate guitar tunings and we´ve experimented with noise and reversed sounds during the recording. The project started out as demo recordings but I´ve decided to release these songs because I want to present them as raw as possible and because I want to preserve the feel of how they were written.

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