Jan 29, 2020

Jennah Barry • Big Universe • 2020

GoldFlakePaint says: "A sumptuous lament, new song “Big Universe” is indicative of said album’s gentle power, the aching lilt of the instrumentation an absorbing backdrop for those golden vocals to linger upon."
Here's a quote from Jennah:
There was a period in my life where I read my horoscope not matter how goofy the source was. I was circling the drain a bit and was desperate for someone to tell me what to do. The horoscope writer for US weekly did not help me with this. Big Universe is about that. 
And despite the confusion I was feeling in the song (Big Universe) I worked with 3 really great women on the music video and had a very life-affirming experience (something that doesn’t necessarily happen very often in the biz). We went overboard with a haze machine and created a storyline for a woman who plays big for no one.

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