Jan 12, 2020

the black watch • Crying All The Time • 2019

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“Should’ve become a household name a long time ago” – USA Today

“A prime example of Fredrick’s knack for clever and extremely catchy songs” – Popmatters

“Like the holy union of Guided By Voices, The Wedding Present and any number of New Zealand pop heroes... truly indie: immediate, honest and just-enough lovingly rough” – Buzzbands L.A.

“One of music’s most perfect and unheralded rock outfits” – Magnet Magazine

“On record, the black watch rarely dips in quality, but the most amazing thing is that it keeps topping itself” – Blurt Magazine

“Salutes the great DIY pop canon and trophy hallways of heroes with an illustrious array of pepped up jangle pop” – Impose Magazine

“The post punk dissonance of The Fall and Wire, with the melodic guitar ambitions of The Chameleons, early Editors, and Richard Hawley’s 2012 opus ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge” – Popdose

“Delightful noise” – Austin Town Hall

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