Jan 5, 2015

GoldFlakePaint - A Collective Sigh Of Relief - 2013

Bristol-based webzine covering songs, bands and records that we love. 
These compilations are a reflection of our daydreams.

Kj a great collection of underground indie rock. bands worth digging further into.Favorite track: Coma Cinema - Partners In Crime.
Ben Walker Tom at Gold Flake Paint (it's a blog) has an uncanny knack for finding and sharing some beautiful bands from the underbelly of the lo-fi indie scene.

Juju Sophie I absolutely love GoldFlakePaint. This music site always introduces me to cool artists and sounds by writing intelligent and informed articles and reviews. Enjoy. Favorite track: Old Amica - Dunes.

Lee Adcock Of course, the proceeds go to a great cause - but this is also a lovely set of tunes, too. A great way to discover (or re-discover, in my case) bunches of GFP "hits". Favorite track: Mentalease - Des Moines.

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) Not only is this a really ace compilation, but all proceeds go to charity. It doesn't get much more win-win than that.Favorite track: Filbert - Sliced Bread.

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