Jan 24, 2015

Jenny Lewis - Austin City Limits - 2015

Jenny Lewis' TV-heavy promo campaign behind last year's The Voyager continues, with the songwriter heading from the late-night scene to the PBS crowd for an upcoming episode of Austin City Limits. The full concert will be aired over the weekend, but you can get a sample of her set now via a performance of "Just One of the Guys." 

The preview isn't just the live performance from the upcoming telecast, though, with the onstage run-through of the country-dusted track being complemented by additional behind-the-scenes footage. For instance, you'll see light-hearted moments of the band goofing around during rehearsals, or chatting with various crewmembers. That said, you also see Lewis, in her Technicolor dream coat, giving a passionate performance for the ACL crowd. 

Lewis' Austin City Limits appearance airs January 25. exclaim 

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