Jan 19, 2015

Various Artists - My Name Is Mathias - 2014

Nick Ferrio and Andrew Stratis conceived of this album in the spring of 2014 after Mathias had gone through a particularly hard time in his personal life. During the whole process of contacting the different contributors, divvying up songs and orchestrating manufacturing, they managed to keep it all a complete secret. In early October of the same year, with the help of Dan Mangan via video projection, Nick announced it to Mathias while he stood dumfounded on stage in front of a packed crowd at the Rock House in St. John's. Mathias was speechless and barely made it through the rest of the show. He still can't get over this. 

But he did decide that all the money raised from the sales of this record will go to the wonderful Kingston Humane Society, in memory of Mary Beth Kom.

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