Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wolf Collage - Forward: - 2014

Travis Button The versatility that has been shown since "Suburbia Space Program" is just amazing, look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Wolf Collage.

Michael Reilly Captivating songs in what is a fully developed alternative folk style of pop/rock. Great guitar playing and a heartbreaking vocal delivery raise these songs above the normal and display a mature and exciting direction. 

Only Magic Left is Art Forward is the crescendo of every teenager's life when he must transition from boy to man. Each song examines this inward state of self-reflection. The anger, the awkwardness, the grief, the loss. But ultimately the acceptance that "he knows exactly where he should be for the very first time". This affirmation of life explodes on the track Glow. Which monumentally shares the best attributes of The National and Youth Lagoon. It's an unforgettable listen and an album you will not soon forget.

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