Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey Rosetta! - Cathedral Bells - single 2014

This song is wonderful. Great album!

That's when the shadow came and darkened your china face
The dancers still shook and swayed, but I couldn't look away
They were all in the chemicals, all hundred cars up an icy hill
And we were stood under them, grim, quietly grimacing
And you spoke with that voice I love
And love awoke in my boiling blood
With this I dissect before
The road is lit, and I'm going home
There'll be no caving in, no suicide, no, no pills and gin.
I hear your voice again, and it stirs me like a pealing bell
Echoes by everything and everywhere
By every fraught fiber in every cell
Here I'm telling you you're not the only one

You're not the only one
No, you're not the only one
You're not the only one feeling this stuff
You're one of us

And that's when the shadow lifts
And the camera reveals her lips
And all the lava under your skin
You gotta always remember it
And try not to talk it off
And say all of that common stuff
No, just let the lava come
And all the love you've been holding off
Yeah, that's when we're rising up
Feel the elevator pull your guts
Each floor is like medicine drops
The only fear is the fear it'll stop

But it won't because
No, it won't because
No, no it won't because
No, it never stops
No, it never stops
No, it won't because
'Cause it's in your blood
You're one of us

Yeah, that's when we're rising up
Out of the ashes and plastic cups
On and on on a dirty rug
While they're all dancing to jungle love
I don't care if a shadow comes and covers us like a shovel of rocks
The party's still going on
I heard cathedral bells

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