Thursday, November 27, 2014

Papermoons - New Tales - 2009

Less is more. It's a philosophy that Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins of Papermoons understand quite well. The idea that you can say a whole lot more without screaming or shouting is evidenced by the brilliantly constructed songs on their debut New Tales. They use subtle transitions, gorgeous Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies, intricate performances and attention to every minute detail to create a unique mid-tempo mix of indie rock and alt-country that is truly captivating. Lyrics such as "I just wanna know / if my life is a joke / cause I breathe right / do I live right?" will capture your attention, your mind and perhaps even your soul. "There isn't a lyrical theme to the record, but more of an array of experiences. What we hope is that the listener can find comfort in our songs no matter their mood. We strive to make music that can both cheer someone up and also console. We've both been involved with playing music for many years now and what has been continually inspiring to us is the way in which music connects people" says Matt Clark. It's impossible to pick a favorite from this impressive collection of songs...because the reality is every single track on New Tales is a winner. Beautifully melodic, innocent songs with undercurrents of sadness and hope, New Tales is an album with no equal. (DER-487)

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