Monday, November 24, 2014

Scott Orr - The Acoustic EP - 2010

One of my favourite Canadian singer-songwriters; great acoustic renditions from his musical catalogue, introduce yourself all over again. 

I've always wanted to take some of the songs ("greatest hits") that I've written over the course of the last 6 years and re-record them in a live, acoustic setting. 
However, this collection took so long to come together because writing/recording new stuff is always more fun then working on old material. This EP collects various recordings I've done in the last year of acoustic versions of new and old songs. All of them brought together in a quiet EP, recorded roughly and acoustically. Mostly in one or two takes... with little to no editing or overdubs. 

Track Listing 
1. No (Acoustic Version) 
- Brand new song written for this project. 
2. Other Thoughts (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "3 Songs EP" and "Miles from Today" 
3. A Bird On the Ground (Acoustic Version) 
- From the upcoming new record 
4. For a Frame (Acoustic Version) 
- Previously unreleased 
5. Hurricane (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Lonesometown" and "Miles From Today" 
6. Danger (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Ghost Party" 
7. Laura Lynn (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Lonesometown" 
8. Ghosts (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Ghost Party"

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