Sep 12, 2013

Jim Strange with The Proud and The Damned - Pox Americana - 2013

"A nihilist descendant of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave Jim Strange is not afraid to write about the darker side of life. After years of playing in metal bands that went nowhere 2008 Jim decided to take the bull by the horns and start his own project. His new band wThe Proud and the Damned would be based around American Roots music but with the bombast of heavy metal and gloomy atmoshphere and low vocals of gothic rock. Guitarist Kyle Faircloth joined soon after and brought a flashy lead guitar element to the sound." - Aiden-Midnight Calling Ezine

"Inspired by sludgy Doom Metal and Country Western storytellers alike, it’s the mythology and lore of the darker side of religion and humanity that inspires him to put pen to paper and with that, he takes a match to it with sonic fury. His contempt for the dregs of humanity is made as obvious as a heinous blister on his guitar finger while he strums furiously away." - Hunter Gatherer-Oregon Music News

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