Friday, September 13, 2013

Valeska Gavotte - I Remember Orleanne Garren (Single, 2013)

“The work of Valeska Gavotte, aka 23 year old Kevin Leahy, is one of my favourite Bandcamp discoveries in a long time. Leahy’s compositions show incredible elegance, particularly considering he plays everything himself in a stunning mixture of violin, guitar, banjo, piano, mandolin and countless other instruments; it’s undeniably impressive. His sound is the kind without immediately obvious points of reference, but there’s definitely strong similarities with Sufjan Stevens instrumentally, while the feathered production recalls Efterklang and his voice could easily be a less burdened Zach Condon.”
- Sonic Reverie
“…a great record.”

-The Waiting Room
“I listen to it often, with great pleasure…An amazing talent, in one so young. I’m sure he’ll go on to great heights…”

- Jonathan Coe, Author/Journalist

thanks sensi

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