Sep 10, 2013

Popular Culture - Dandelion (single, 2013)

From the press release:
"Popular Culture creates a contemporary outlook on archaic ideas. Young eyes on an old world."
Popular Culture is the innovative project of young artist, Henry Mowgli. The music is a unique combination of bleak and danceable. After two years of on and off sessions with producer Kyle Ellison (Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets, Pariah) in a tucked away home studio in Austin, Texas, Popular Culture's debut album Episode was recorded and mastered by Bob Ludwig (David Bowie, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead).

Each song is a pure embrace and reflection of what ails and intrigues the human spirit. The combination of high and low end equipment used in recording creates a soundscape to mirror the balance needed to stay afloat in a young man's mind. "I don't sleep much, I get restless." Both organic and synthesized sounds fill his songs with a sense of diversity and an aspect of mystery. Pulling from influences such as Bauhaus and The Jesus and Mary Chain to Talking Heads and New Order. 

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