Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cold Country - Missing the Muse - 2013

IRC ~ ... Cold Country’s songs, even though his a big city fella, capture a sense of time and place, weave bluesy harmonica with dreamy guitar playing and just the right touch of percussion. We always thought that audio engineers make great musicians, and Cold Country is a good example of that. The second song, “Carried By The Wind,” is also a fitting track on a road trip mixtape although it is a bit more energetic – a song more compatible with exiting the Great Plains and heading into the heart of the Mississippi River delta. There is no traveler from the West heading to the eastern United States that doesn’t cross the Mississippi River in some form or fashion on their journey across the United States...

A subtle lo-fi undertone mixes so wonderfully with the smooth folk harmony on Cold Country's latest outing, Missing the Muse
Excellent release, want to listen to it all night. Get yourself a free copy over at the camp!

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