Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tall Ships - Everything Touching - 2012

genre: indie rock

In terms of palpable influence, Everything Touching cherry-picks from all over the place: Youthmovies Soundtrack Strategies' post-00s math leanings, Oceansize's cliff-view sprawl, the more swashbuckling strains of Okkervil River and Modest Mouse, M83's downcast glimmer, and Sigur Rós' misty yawn. Not that there's any particular Cornish sound, aside from perhaps Rephlex and Aphex Twin's output, but the way the peninsula county juts out and only shares a single 50-mile border with the next one up, combined with the fact that bands rarely tour there, make it an ideal haven for weird sounds to flourish. No pinning the blame for the county's lack of musical adventurism on Tall Ships at all, but it's kind of a shame that their early relative isolation didn't beget innovation, but a smooth alchemization of other bands' styles. pk

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