Mar 3, 2013

From The Archives : Bella - Pretty Mess - 2004

Bella is a Canadian indie pop band from Vancouver, who formed in 2003, and have released two full-length albums. The band signed to Vancouver's Mint Records in 2006 and released the full-length "No One will Know" featuring guest musicians Roddy Bottum (Faith No More), Will Schwartz (Imperial Teen), John Collins (the New Pornographers) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59). What a group of musicians...

Bella toured extensively in Canada and up & down the West Coast of the US, and its multi-talented members became known for their electrifying live shows, switching up their instruments and treating onlookers to spontaneous and wild dance parties. In their time, Bella shared the stage with bands such as The New Pornographers, The Breeders, Imperial Teen, The Most Serene Republic, Billy Bragg, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Brunettes, The Organ, and Viva Voce.

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