Mar 27, 2013


The first cellular phone measured 9" x 5" and weighed 2.5 lbs. It was developed by Dr. Martin Cooper, who worked for Motorola.

Crossword puzzles became such a hit in the mid-1920s that women’s fashion adopted the motif, printing grids on clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

When Canada's Northwest Territories considered renaming itself in the 1990s, one possibility was "Bob."

When Milton Bradley introduced Twister in 1966, critics denounced the game as "sex in a box."


  1. Colleyc

    Tell me Pearlsmusic isn't really gone. I barely had a chance to scratch the surface of all the discoveries there. Any chance of restoring it? Is there a list of musicians ?? [I only explored the last half of December to the present.] You guys have amazing ears - so many good postings. Please let me know what happens. Does Jotien have a blog? What about your other co-conspirator? Can't wait to explore your site here.

    thanks for everything
    PS: I never knew that about Twister.

  2. Hey LD... Yeah we have our new site at
    It is a bit out of date, but any albums you saw and don't have let us know and we can surely repost... Kinda sucks we lost the last three weeks, but the biggest chunk is still alive.

  3. I am SO glad to hear it. Thanks for letting me/us know. Can't wait to check it out. Yippeee!