Mar 26, 2013

Sainthill - Dear Victoria

This album is about the passing of Victoria Cuthbert. 

The thoughts of Victoria, her husband John, her adult children Linda and Joe, her teenage daughter Hope, and the family dog Rufus are revealed in these songs…

I was so much lighter than I should have been 
John set me up with a view of the tree 
I wasn't that sad, just a little scared 
At least all my secrets had been shared 

I ran movies and pictures through my head 
Like lightning skies and the kids in bed 
And us staying up in our rented shack 
Watching that sky go from white to black 

I wondered how others fill their last days 
Dream vacations or one last lay? 
I wouldn't do with anything else 
Than tea with John, joking "to my health!" 

Am I going to be a ghost tonight 
Or will I turn into a shooting star 
That my whole family will watch 
From the verandah tonight