Jun 27, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E38 • Tyler Burkhart

Tyler Burkhart discovered his passion for music while balancing a fulfilling career as a social worker – a journey that we explore in our latest episode. From his beginnings in a musically rich household to his collegiate epiphany with recording and producing, Tyler shares the evolution of his artistic identity. We delve into his extensive catalog on Bandcamp, his DIY ethos, and the profound impact his day job has on his songwriting. Tyler’s candid reflections offer a glimpse into the intimate and honest nature of his songs, revealing the heart and soul behind his music.

As life grows fuller, finding time for creativity becomes a delicate dance, a topic Tyler knows all too well. He opens up about the challenges of balancing responsibilities while carving out Monday evenings for focused music work. His creative process, often inspired by guitar experiments and artists like Nick Drake, has matured technically while retaining its emotional core. We dive into the beauty and impermanence of life, relationships, and self-love, themes that resonate deeply in Tyler’s poignant lyrics and stirring guitar solos. Don't miss this enriching conversation that promises to leave you reflecting on life's fleeting moments.


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