Jun 20, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E35 • The Brother Brothers

How does the unique bond between identical twins shape their musical journey and creative process? Today's episode features the Brother Brothers, David and Adam, as they walk us through their deeply intertwined musical experiences. From the early days influenced by their parents' eclectic record collection to the significant impact of the Kerrville Folk Festival on their songwriting, you'll hear firsthand how these elements have molded their sound. We'll explore the pivotal moments that nudged them from instrumentalists to celebrated songwriters, and how the songwriting community at Kerrville served as a catalyst for their development.

In the second half of our conversation, we uncover the intricate dynamics that make their collaboration so special. Adam opens up about David's role as the principal songwriter and how their sibling synergy fosters an environment of creative growth. We delve into their meticulous harmonizing techniques and how they balance simplicity with complexity in their melodies. Finally, get a glimpse into their future plans as Adam prepares for a bustling year touring with Levi Turner and David embarks on a series of intimate solo performances. Don't miss this intimate and insightful discussion with the Brother Brothers about music, family, and what lies ahead.

“the warm harmonies and silky melodies of identical twins David and Adam Moss evoke the kind of ’60s-era folk tunes that reverberated through dark, wood-paneled bars in the Village… If these brothers aren’t among the Americana Music Association’s nominees for Emerging Artist or Duo-Group, I want a recount.” — No Depression

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