Jun 30, 2024

My Best Unbeaten Brother • Pessimistic Pizza • 2024

‘Pessimistic Pizza’ is the debut mini-album from My Best Unbeaten Brother. This is a new project from the returning Ben and Adam Parker of Nosferatu D2. The past work of the Parker brothers has been lauded by PitchforkDrowned in SoundLos Campesinos!The Line of Best Fit and DIY Mag, while their unconventional legacy was the subject of radio stories for BBC 6 Music and Public Radio International (“The World”)

“Seven songs by three men from Croydon. Inspired by getting older, getting sadder, getting angrier with a post-Brexit world where The Smiths have been ruined by the actions of the ex-singer. Learning to let go; learning to be Spider-Man; trying to understand The Fall; trying to understand life and death, and trying to understand records by The Steve Miller Band.” – Ben Parker (Guitar & Vocals)

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