Nov 30, 2023

🎙️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 21 • Otracami

Otracami aka Camila Ortiz, a visionary musician pushing sonic boundaries, seamlessly blends genres to craft a unique auditory experience. Joining me from her home in Brooklyn NY we chatted about her mesmerizing fusion of electronic beats and ethereal melodies, inviting listeners into a world where innovation meets emotion. Checkout her latest record, "touching the stove coil" out now! A true maestro, Otracami is reshaping the musical landscape. Enjoy 🎙️

Opener ‘in the car’ offers a picture of an overbearing homelife (the only time I could ever really be alone / was after dropping everybody off at home / waiting for the stop sign to turn green / blinking through the high beams”) set to a dappled rhythm, while ‘Stove Coil’ punctuates a sedate, listless lethargy with the sharp violence hinted at in the album’s title. “Spiral glowing red / on the razor’s edge,” Ortiz sings, “a sting and a sweetness / will I feel it.” A strange mixture of pain and pleasure which could represent the entire action of the record. Approaching something which will almost certainly hurt, yet glows alluringly all the same. VSF

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