Nov 14, 2023

Sarah Mary Chadwick • Someone Else’s Baby • 2023

Cause I'm just a one time wonder
A fickle lover
On close examination made of glass
Winter or summer
Clear skies or thunder
I'm not really here I'm in the past
I'm just a star that never shined
A mountain no one wants to climb
I don't know how to live under the light
But I'm thankful that I've had
The chance to touch the souls I have
I'll take that any day in lieu of life...

Messages to God is the eighth solo studio record from Sarah Mary Chadwick. Messages to God is perhaps a more universal record in terms of its content than 2021’s Me and Ennui Are Friends, Baby, yet it is still unquestionably intimate. Like all of Chadwick’s music, the album is centered around her completely singular approach to songwriting and storytelling, delivering one of Chadwick’s most dynamic records to date.

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