Nov 27, 2023

🎙️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 20 • Twin Bridges

Thankful for the conversation with Zach Gerzon of Twin Bridges. From his home in Portland Oregon, we chatted about Zach’s beginnings with punk rock music, and how he ultimately found his muse in the cello. Twin Bridges is on the heels of releasing their latest record Fertile Ashes to great fanfare, combining neo-classical elements to their brand of indie pop makes for a great listen.  Enjoy 🎙️ 

Twin Bridges started as a solo project, but it has evolved into more of a band setting with Zach’s gifted circle of musician friends contributing to live shows and recordings. The cast for Fertile Ashes includes Zach on cello, lead vocals, and engineering; Kylie Mcdermot on trumpet; Julia Michel on clarinet and saxophone; Chris Lazerek on bass clarinet; Jeff Kuhns on bassoon; Margaret Wehr on violin; and additional vocalists Lindsay Clark, Erisy Watt, Jeremy Ferarra and Chloe Serkissian.

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