Nov 10, 2023

Ben Kweller • Her Father and Her (Adam Green Cover) • 2023

Ben Kweller's rendition of this early Adam Green classic goes all out in its production, transforming a lo-fi indie folk ballad into full on power pop! And yet with his unmistakably tender vocal chops, Kweller conveys the nuance and feeling of the original track. The two have been close friends lo these many years, and so we believe that Kweller has some hidden insight into lines like Pardon me anyone, where is the nearest shore? we're all in this together and the police are at the door. Someone do my laundry or smash me through the floor to that tropical vacation buried underneath the store . Truthfully, we hear in this version of "Her Father and Her" a pitch perfect homage, a decades long friendship, and the respect of one songwriter to another. 



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