Aug 2, 2023

dayaway • ocean free • 2023

"The track is every bit as deliciously escapist as the themes, Amber’s warm cocooning vocal inviting us into her watery world. Throughout, she’s accompanied by a dreamy backing of ebbing arpeggiated guitars and synths that break like lapping waves, bringing to mind the likes of Hazel English or Melody’s Echo Chamber."
For The Rabbits

"Every one of dayaway’s songs is perfect for a day on the beach, but “ocean free” inspires you to connect with the ocean and send your problems out to sea. The slow track features a soft, airy vocal from Amber Renee, creating an ethereal sound that’s comparable to Men I Trust and Beach House."
Glasse Factory

"Fittingly, 'hot blue summer' is another dose of summery indie pop, slotting easily into the band’s well-honed penchant for sun-lit love songs. Hazy surf guitars enlace with dreamy beds of synths and airy vocal melodies, crafting a sound equally indebted to Beach House as The Beach Boys"
Under the Radar

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