Aug 15, 2023

Land of Talk • Your Beautiful Self • 2023

Land of Talk announce their new album Performances will be released on October 13th, 2023, via Next Door Records / Saddle Creek (outside Canada). Defying expectations, the influential Montreal-based outfit led by Lizzie Powell reinvents themself on their fifth LP. Though it trades muscular guitar rock for understated piano, the self-produced album is still the most urgent and personal of Powell’s to date. The swooning lead single “Your Beautiful Self” is a stunning showcase of the album’s illuminated self-belief and effortless poeticism, as piano and drums steadily build to a gentle chorus (“Take a deep breath / Let it out / Show the love in”) and an electric guitar riff punctures through, allowing for tangible catharsis to seep in. Performances is now available for PRE -ORDER.

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