Aug 20, 2023


Earlier this year, Shimmy-Disc shared a brand new release entitled Rings of Saturn — a collaborative vinyl series featuring six 7" EPs (@33rpm), packaged in an ornate wooden box. Each record (with cover photography by William Coupon) is a unique "mini-album" collaboration between Kramer and an amazing group of artists: Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean & Britta), Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers), Jad Fair & Danielson, Eerie Wanda, David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol), and Rob Crow (Pinback, etc.).

In continued celebration of the new series, today, Britta Phillips and Kramer share a brand new video to accompany their collaboration, "Dream #3." This new video, created by Kramer (with use of footage from Jean Renoir's The Little Match Girl, 1928), serves as a follow-up to the visuals forKramer's other collaboration tracks, one with Jad Fair & Danielson ("In A Lonely Place"), one with Rob Crow ("Kerosene"), and another with Britta Phillips ("Nocturne”).

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